Infrared Sensitive Digital Camera w/Video & Audio 5 MP

 These are custom modified cameras for use in investigations and experiments.

 Permanent Conversion
Will no longer take "normal" video or photos

 Modified to take photos and video with sound in the
Infrared Light Spectrum
An essential Ghost Hunting Tool, this camera will
capture images reflected with IR light. This light
frequency is invisible to human eyes.

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 Lighting Requirements
As with all cameras, our Infrared cameras require a light source in order to
capture images in darkness. This is the nature of these types of devices.

We strongly recommend an Infrared light for all around use.

Daylight can be captured due to the high IR radiation from the sun.


  • 16 MB internal memory (expandable
    to 8 GB via SD Card slot)
  • 2 "AAA" Batteries
  • Wrist Strap
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM software/manual


What lurks within the Infrared Spectrum?
Spirits exist on many frequencies or dimensions other than our own. These
dimensions also contain frequencies of light unseen by the human eye.

All cameras can pick up some IR and UV light and that is why ghosts have been
photographed since the beginning of modern photography.

This camera has been modified to allow the
maximum amount of invisible IR light into the
camera in order to concentrate our focus within
the spirit world.

 These photos, taken at random in an area where
investigators were getting odd feelings, SJGR
Investigator Dave Juliano captures a strange anomaly
moving quickly in front of the camera.

He took these three photos in about 1.5 seconds with
the photo burst setting (3 photos each time the button
is pushed) with the new Deep Infrared camera. It
filters out all other light spectrums except for deep IR
light. This anomaly is moving very fast and cannot be a
person because of its transparency and speed. The
entire photo is in focus except for the anomaly so it's
not a motion blur.


This Infrared Sensitive Digital Video
Camera will capture images reflected within the
IR light spectrum...
Where Spirits Reside!