PRO Series Full Spectrum 12.2 MP Digital Camera w/HD Video

 These are custom modified cameras for use in investigations and experiments.

 Permanent Conversion
Will no longer take "normal" video or photos


  • True 12.2 MegaPixels
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Auto or Total Control
  • Up to 16 GB SD Card supported
  • Movie Mode
  • Built in Flip Flash
  • Super Macro mode
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Dual Image Stabilization
  • Panorama Mode
  •  Starting At: 

    Now $274.99

     Full Spectrum Digital Camera (w/Movie Mode)

    An essential Ghost Hunting Tool, this camera will capture images reflected with UV, Natural
    and IR light.

    Why Full Spectrum?

    It is widely understood that the reason apparitions appear in photographs is due to the fact
    that all cameras
    "leak" a certain amount of invisible infrared and ultraviolet light into the
    camera via the lens. Although unseen at the time of the shutter's release, the camera can
    indeed register these invisible light waves and anything that may be vibrating within these
    waves (i.e., ghosts). Camera manufacturers go to great lengths to prevent this from occurring.

    We at Gotcha Ghost have modified this camera and returned it to it's ultra sensitive state
    allowing the maximum amount of invisible light waves to enter the lens thus increasing the
    possibility of capturing images of those things which reside within the IR and UV light ranges.

    By utilizing a top of the line digital camera, we have been able to develop a sensitive Full
    ghost hunting tool while preserving the original clarity and beautiful picture

    We believe that this is by far the best Full Spectrum Conversion Camera available.


    • Neck/Shoulder Strap
    • 4 "AA" batteries
    • USB - AV Cable
    • Lens Cap
    • CD-ROM: FinePix Viewer